Course Description

ROCK BAND 101 (ROCK BAND 101 includes (3) three 60 minute band rehearsals per month, with occasional performances at Performing Arts and throughout WNY! Bands are formed according to age, skill and musical preference. Each band is assigned a "Band Coach" that will teach the Rock & Roll essentials!)

ROCK BAND 101 is a an interactive program designed to give young musicians their 1st experience in a rock band! Rock Band is presented in a mentoring environment, taught by experienced professionals in the music industry. This course will provide measurable development through goal driven rehearsals and guided one on music lessons.

Students will learn about basic songwriting, performing as a group, and the creative process in real time environment. Additionally, participants will receive a practical knowledge and good band habits.


$79.00 per month.

  • Price includes:
  • (3) Three - 60 minute band rehearsals per month with occasional performances at Perforing Arts and throughout Western New York

Stop in or call 716.239.3907 for more information.